CAD4ALL Design Training and Software CC is a registered and accredited training provider. Our mandate is to train & teach learners qualifications, we follow the process of the Education and Training Qualifications Authority (ETQA) rules and regulations which are developed by the South African Qualifications Authority. It is the learners’ duty and responsibility to register with the body of SACAP. This is communicated at all open days, induction and our website. Universities and University of technologies which are government institutions are all validated by SACAP as Architectural learning sites and hence learners can register as a candidate draughts person immediately after successful completion of studies. It needs to be emphasized that CAD4ALL is a privately registered and accredited training provider and not a SACAP architectural learning site, and by no means are we compelled to be, learners after successful completion have to complete 2 years practical experience before they can register with SACAP as an Architectural Draughts person. If your intentions is to become a registered ARCHITECT then you should ascertain after your research of qualifications and institutions to apply to, not to start at the level of a draughtsperson. If your subject choice and Grade 12 results allow you to ,then you need to register for your studies in a degree or Btech format at any University of technology or University barring acceptance. No accountability shall be taken for learners who are uncertain of their career path before application to the college as this is discussed and explained at great lengths to potential candidates. CAD4ALL is a learning centre who teaches learners the knowledge they need to build a successful career .We don’t take any responsibility for any registration issues or being held ransom on tuition payment due to lack of insight as outlines are indicated on our FAQ on the website as well as on engagement in open days.


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