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BEE Points & tax rebates

Need BEE-EE points and Tax rebates?
Combine Skills Development with Supplier or Enterprise development & CSI

Maximise your BEE-EE Spend at CAD4ALL

Example: You are Flooring Company…

1) Complete a learnership for a current or new staff member… Register with CAD4ALL

Score BEE Points on your skills development Pillar
Score Tax rabates from SARS because it is a learnership
Score BEE Points on your Supplier development pillar because CAD4ALL is a 100% value added Level 1 contributor
Score points & Receive Tax rebates on our CSI Projects

We currently offer learnerships in Flooring,Construction,CAD,Architecture and Sports enquire by sending an email to jodyvh@cad4all.co.za

Companies that succeed in combining the skills development and supplier development efforts can earn a total of 60 out of 105 points on the BEE scorecard.

In respect of these pillars a minimum 40% threshold applies to certain indicators and failure to comply will result in companies being penalised.

Companies not meeting the threshold of these elements will drop one level on their BEE scorecard.

Under the revised codes the points for SKILLS DEVELOPMENT have been increased from 15 to 20 points and 5 bonus points can be earned. The target for skills development spending on black people has also increased from 3% of the leviable payroll to 6%.

In order to gain the 20 skills developments points companies, have to provide targeted training and train with the objective of absorbing the learner into the organization. Training compliance targets are based on the economically active population but can include the unemployed.

If companies do not achieve the skills development threshold of 40%, the actual points achieved will be scored, but the overall score will be discounted.This means that at least eight skills developments points have to be achieved in order for the company not to be penalised. Points can also be gained through offering of learnerships, apprenticeships and internships and a further five points can be gained when these learners are absorbed into the company.

Mandatory sector training no longer qualifies as skills development contributions.

SUPPLIER & ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT: The points for enterprise and supplier development have been increased from 35 to 40, plus 4 bonus points. Points are awarded for developing potential black-owned suppliers to become viable suppliers, and for awarding them 3-year contracts and for contributing towards creating jobs within these suppliers.

In the amended codes companies will earn 5 points if 80% of their procurement spend go to BEE suppliers and a further 9 points if 40% of this is spent with black owned businesses.

Companies can gain 15 points by investing 3% of net profit after tax in enterprise development. Bonus points can be scored through new venture creation or through graduating of an enterprise development beneficiary to being a supplier.

Bonus points can also be achieved when jobs are created through the process of skills development, or enterprise development and supplier development.
The supplier development portion of this scorecard encourages companies to assist their suppliers who are not fully developed with support and mentoring to ensure that they become and remain viable businesses.

CSI: Talk to us about our innovative Non-Profit organization which also gives companies marketing exposure besides Points

More info please email jodyvh@cad4all.co.za

How can we assist you?

  • CAD4ALL is an accredited training provider with FITA, CETA, MICT SETTA we offer learnerships, skills courses, RPL assessments and various other training offerings.
  • CAD4ALL is a black owned Level 1 Contributor.
  • CAD4ALL has a proven track record with loads of references.
  • Learnerships has tax relief benefits for companies.
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