Success Story: Ruan Stone

Ruan Stone, a CAD4ALL Alumni, currently working overseas, had this to say about his time at CAD4ALL and how his studies influenced his current career.

“When it comes to CAD4ALL, I have not pursued the life of an architect, but a mechanical designer. My job starts when a client wants us to automate his product. Lets use a Castle Lite beer as an example.

The client wants us to take the bottle, rinse it and fill it automatically at 500 bottles per minute. Then it has to be closed and labeled. Afterwards it has to be packed and vacuum sealed in packs of six and then placed on a carton.

We start by using SketchUp to give the client a proposal idea, so they know what we are planning to do. Afterwards we use a program called SolidWorks to design and develop every part of the machine and build it virtually in 3D.

Once all the designing is finished, we play with the layout of the machines on AutoCAD and send all parts for laser cutting and powder coating. The parts arrive back and we start building the machines, do the electrical and start testing.

If all goes well then the clients are happy.

So I would definitely say that I have CAD4ALL to thank for all of my knowledge. They have taught me things that are still new in some industries. A lot of people in architecture and mechanical have not seen the 3D world, don’t not know shortcuts or how to do certain things on the programs. There are people who did not have the opportunity to learn these programs like we did at CAD4ALL.

I stand out when it comes to my program knowledge and the speed at what you can draw.

Once again, thank you CAD4ALL.”

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