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Architectural Technology Qualification

Architectural Technology Qualification


Architectural Technology Qualification Within 1-2 Years!

A qualification in Architectural technology is about the technology of building, design and construction. These technologies will help you manage the process from concept to completion for construction or building engineering companies.

What does Architectural Technology Cover?

  • Technical building design.
  • Design of construction details.
  • Design parts of a building and the presentation of the design.

National Certificate & Diploma Qualification

A National Certificate qualification takes 1 year to complete and a National Diploma – 2 years.

If you ever dream about being an Architectural Technologist, Architectural Draughtsman, CAD 2D Designer, CAD 3D Designer the entrance requirements is outlined on our architectural technology qualification page.

Which Industries Are Architectural technologists Employed?

After successfully completing your qualification, employment can be at Architectural and Engineering firms or at municipal authorities.

Most Architectural Technologists work in development with Manufacturers or provide independent services to their own clients. (Restricted in some Countries by their law)

Industries where Architectural Technologists Work:

  • Construction
  • Materials Manufacturing
  • Building Engineering
  • Residential Contracting
  • Many more.

Architectural technologist skills:

As an architectural technologist, you must be interested to learn about the science and technology used in building.

  • You should be very good at drawing freehand.
  • You should be able to visualize objects in 3D.(Three Dimension)
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • You should have good maths skills.
  • Great Management skills.

Design 2D & 3D Buildings After Completing Your Qualification

When you obtain your Architectural Technology Certificate & Diploma you have decided that your goal in life is to become an architect.  Our Architectural Design Qualification will teach you how to design residential architectural buildings in 2D & 3D CAD as well as using BIM software.



Architecture is when you use building design and construction science to solve high-tech issues.

If you would like to study for an Architectural Technology qualification, CAD4ALL Career and Design College has an excellent reputation and track record of students who successfully passed.


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