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Business Management

business management - National Certificate

This competency-based course trains students in business administration & management. This course will provide students with an understanding of the basic theories and principles by which businesses are organized and managed in modern society.

They will demonstrate competency by analyzing management functions, principles, and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Second semester students will understand the elements of a business plan and its effect on the success of small businesses. This course includes classroom instruction and business simulations.

Content of our programmes and qualifications are subject to change without notification due to market trends in the industry or as required by regulatory bodies, SAQA, QCTO, CETA, Department of Education or any other vendor related programmes.

Students will:

1. Define and explain the major management functions.
2. Compare and contrast a variety of organizational structures.
3. Explain how economic and social changes affect businesses.
4. Describe methods, which an organization can use to effectively manage its personnel policies, practices and resources.
5. Examine the effects of domestic and international business on management practices.
6. Compare and contrast management styles.
7. Describe the planning and problem-solving process.
8. Explain the process that converts resources, such as labour and raw materials into finished goods and services.
9. Discuss the impact of research on business planning and development.
10. Demonstrate competency by preparing, describing and representing a business plan.
11. Students will have the opportunity to take part in our Small Business Incubator Programme.

National Certificate

  • Duration: 1 year

International Certifications – Global Certified User

  • Microsoft Office

Job Opportunities & Duration

  • Bill & Business Account Collector
  • Billing & Posting Business Clerk
  • Machine Operator
  • Brokerage Clerk
  • Business Cashier
  • Business Counter & Rental Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Business Data Entry & Information Processing Worker
  • File Clerk
  • Financial Clerk
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Business Information & Record Clerk Manager
  • Office & Administrative Support Worker
  • Business Clerk
  • Order Clerk
  • Business Procurement Clerk
  • Business Production
  • Business Planning & Expediting Clerk Purchasing Managers
  • Buyers & Purchasing
  • Business Receptionist,
  • Shipping & Receiving Clerk
  • Stock Clerk
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Service Promoter
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Business Supervisor
  • Teller

Entrance Requirements

  • National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) – Matric
  • NQF Level 3 Qualification
  • Mathematics Literacy (Grade 12)
  • Communication / English (Grade 12)
  • Computer Foundations & Accounting Proficiency

Subject: 1 Year National Certificate

  • Business Management Functions
  • Organizational Structure of Business
  • Human Resources Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Change Theory
  • Competition in Business
  • International Business
  • Competing in a Global Business Marketplace
  • Production & Operations Management in Business
  • Business Policy & Strategy Formulation
  • Marketing
  • Business Simulation
  • Business Plans

The qualification allows the learner to be efficient and effective office administrator with a view to migrating into management in the long term.

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