C4X is a research and development initiative by CAD4ALL which offers students exposure to contemporary technologies, theories and developments in the architectural field. Forming part of the institute’s plan to be a leading centre of education in South Africa, the facility offers students an opportunity to complete a portion of their Work Integrated Learning at the institute under the guidance of mentors and research supervisors. Students are tasked with leading research projects which contribute to the institute’s alignment to progression through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Each semester, 20 students are chosen through a selection process for admission into the initiative. At the end of their term, students will present their findings to the campus in a peer-to-peer learning environment in an attempt to share their findings. The aim is such that the entire campus benefits from the research conducted through the facility.

Student incentives include training and workshops by industry professionals and academics, theoretical discourse on prominent social challenges and solutions, practical work experience and tokens of appreciation awarded by the institute.

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