Corporate Leanerships & RPL

Our B-BBEE Skills Development assists in reducing any knowledge gaps within the company. The CAD4ALL Online Platform enables staff to upskill themselves without having to leave the office and thereby having no to little effect on productivity. Develop your staff, comply with Skills Development & receive TAX Rewards & B-BBEE Maximum points.

Enterprise Supplier Development

Enterprise & Supplier Development procurement involves investing time & capital in assisting established small & medium-sized black businesses. Enterprise Development is a Priority Element on the Amended B-BBEE Codes. If your business does not achieve a sub-minimum of 40% for Enterprise Development, then your business Score will drop a level.

CAD4ALL CSI Projects

Our CSI projects have a developmental approach & utilize company resources to uplift communities.CAD4ALL invests in meaningful community projects. The core purpose is to reduce the negative impact of business on people & the environment. CSI aims to improve the living conditions of communities & maintain the quality of their environment.