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What Is Recognition Of Prior Learning

What Is Recognition Of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning is when a business assesses your skills or knowledge to show that you are capable of undertaking specific tasks.

Work, age, gender or physical attributes are unconsidered.

History of RPL

Recognition of prior learning is traced back to the earliest fellowship when expert artisans inspected the work of apprentices to determine their competence for their line of work.

The first formal apprentice program was established during the Industrial Revolution to help train young men and women in the skills and knowledge required of their trade.

How does RPL and Credit Transfer Differ?

Most of the time RPL is confused with Credit Transfer.

What is the difference between the two?

The difference between RPL and Credit Transfer is that RPL provides evidence of competence from an applicant’s professional career.

Credit Transfer deals with academic performance and relates to a particular field of study and whether advanced standing will be accepted towards gaining further qualifications or not.

Many academic institutions include Credit Transfer inside their overall RPL umbrella, because the process involves evaluation of prior learning, regardless of how it is achieved.

How can Recognition Of Prior Learning help you with your currentĀ profession!

RPL allows you to demonstrate you are capable to work in certain industries based on evidence of your skills and knowledge gained throughout your life.

It is important to complete recognition of prior learning in your industry because you will receive a qualification proving you are competent. This show the employer that you are a real artisan in your industry

RPL’s are available in different industries, if you are a flooring installer without a qualification, you can apply for recognition of prior learning in the Flooring Industry, at CAD4ALL Career And Design College.


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