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The CAD4ALL EGD CAD Academy in partnership with High Schools, advances the Engineering, Graphic and Design curriculum. As a specialist training provider of AutoCAD’s Computer-Aided Drawings/Design software, schools are now able to implement & manage Computer-Aided Drawing/Design Academy’s at the school. Both the teacher and learners are fully supported throughout the partnership. Engineering, Graphics & Design was created from Technical Drawing and is aimed at Engineering and Architecture. In addition to 2D and 3D drawings, AutoCAD is used to enhance the drawing experience. AutoCAD is the leading software in the industry and is used in all designing and manufacturing fields.

EGD Teacher Course

EGD teachers nationwide will have access to the EGD educator online portal as part of the CAD4ALL EGD Academy. Applications are done online. Educators will receive support via the EGD Academy online portal and all training will lead to the international certification in CAD & BIM.

EGD Learner Course

Learners enhance their drawings & design experience at the CAD4ALL EGD academy. Apply online for your CAD course. The CAD4ALL EGD curriculum was developed by experts in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Selected learners can enter the EGD competition in 2021.

EGD School CAD Lab

The EGD Academy equips High Schools with Free CAD Software & Training Materials.The School EGD educator can apply online and the EGD Academy project team will contact you with further activation instruction to activate an EGD Academy at your school for Free.

Certified Examinations

All CAD Courses will lead to the International Certification, educators and Learners will prepare for the Autodesk Certified User and Autodesk Certified Professional international certification. Educators and learners can look forward to the 2021 EGD Competition.

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