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Sports Administration

sports administration National Certificate/Diploma Qualification

In the context of the sport industry, this qualification will enable a learner to acquire the knowledge skills and values that will enable them to administer, organise and facilitate creative and innovative sports programmes and physical activities within communities and private sport entities.

A qualifying learner will be able to plan and implement safe sport experiences, and as such, contribute to the community and the sport industry itself. This qualification is a step towards a planned learning pathway that underpins a career in the sports administration and sports management, and will enhance career path progression within the Sport, Recreation or Fitness industry.

This qualification is rooted in actual practice and the learners who successfully achieve this qualification will be able to:

• Perform sport administration functions.
• Plan and organise sport activities for an identified target group.
• Promote the benefits of sport and fitness participation.
• Apply exercise and fitness principles related to sport activities.
• Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in the SMME business environment.

national certificate

  • Duration: 1 year - SAQA 67697

national Diploma

  • Duration: 2 year - SAQA 67697

Job Opportunities & Duration

  • Athletic Director / General Manager
  • Associate Director of Marketing
  • Assistant Director of Facilities
  • Director of Youth Sports / Media Relations Director
  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • Guest Service Manager
  • VP of Finance/Accounting
  • Ticket Manager / Special Event Promotions Manager
  • Tournament Planner / Sports Information Director
  • Customer Relations Director, and more.
  • 1 Year Duration

Entrance Requirements

  • National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) – Matric
  • NQF Level 4 – Qualification
  • Mathematics Literacy (Grade 12)
  • Communication / English (Grade 12)

Play Sports & Study Sports Administration

This is a reality and the dream for most young players and for many it is too late.

Why take the risk?

  • Study towards a National Certificate in Sports Administration
  • Further your studies after year 1
  • Physical, conditioning plans & training
  • Gym Sessions
  • Umbro Pack 1 (College Hoody, T-Shirt, Vest & Cap)
  • Umbro Pack 2 (Boots, Futsal Boots, Training Kits, Back Pack, Tog Bag, Cap, Beanie and more)
  • In-House Physio and Sports Experts

Subject: 1 Year National Certificate

  • Analysing People’s Needs
  • Finance Management
  • Exercise Programme Setup
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Sport Entrepreneurship
  • Available Space Adaptation
  • Football Coaching Intro
  • Futsal Coaching Intro
  • HIV AIDS in the Workplace
  • Administrative Skills

Our Sports Administration qualification will integrate various real-life components as the college is actively involved with various sport entities. We also offer a qualification called play football & Study Sports Administration.

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