It’s a good idea to start early – Do not wait until you graduate to gain experience: the jobs market is competitive and by showing your commitment as soon as you can, allows you to stand out. Work placements and internships give you the opportunity to develop relevant skills, knowledge and experience while getting firsthand experience of life in a real working environment. Be creative when thinking about your practical experience, use your holidays wisely by putting some time aside for gaining experience as well as enjoying time off.

The purpose of the Work Placement Service is to identify various work opportunities within industry and to link suitably qualified students and graduates for appointment in such vacancies. Opportunities may vary from temporary vocational workplace experience, practical internships for ND students to permanent employment for graduates. Many South African employers and companies have found excellent solutions for the shortage of adequately qualified and experienced staff by sourcing students at CAD4ALL Career & Design College. Time spent in a real-life situation develops students’ skills and work experience and for many young people obtaining this kind of work experience has been life-transforming.