The Workplace Readiness Programme (WRP):

The Workplace Readiness Programme (WRP) is once again another project pioneered by Cad4all. The WRP is designed to equip the learner with the proper usable skillset on a pedagogical basis over and above the qualification he/she is studying. These added skills will not only bolster the learner’s portfolio (CV) but it will provide the learner with the added confidence and tools required to be successful at the interview stage of possible employment. Students will not only be exposed to the practical and theoretical aspect of self-development but will be introduced to a series of skills for navigating the workplace with success whilst in fulltime/parttime employment or internship.

When you complete the work-readiness programme:

That’s right, as a private candidate you will be included to the CAD4ALL Employment Database and commit to provide you with first hand access to interviews with corporate companies for internships, practical and possible permanent employment.CAD4ALL provides a transparent service that connects opportunities for our learners to the business world. Our candidates CV and Design portfolio will be showcased to the extensive network of CAD4ALL clients around South Africa for potential selection

AutoCAD International certification Level 1 : ACU – Global Certified User

Your options of employment are limitless at organisations with this certification.

Microsoft Office International certification Level 1: ACU – Global Certified User

Invaluable benefit as you can access and work remotely from anywhere hence productivity is never disrupted.

Adobe Photoshop International certification Level 1 : ACU – Global Certified User

Marketing is a cinch when you have this skillset and all-purpose software anywhere in the world. All imaging is possible with even an amateur level of knowledge.

Project Management:

Improved scheduling of tasks, better scheduling and delegation. Easier collaboration of processes with clients.

Decision making and critical thinking:

Identifying the purpose systematically and consider all implications.

Creative thinking:

Encourages curiosity and broadens interests which enables lifelong learning

Time Management:

Reduces your stress levels, decreases procrastination and increase productivity

Become a Better Learner:

Learn to develop and successfully apply the knowledge to your job. Improves an individual’s critical thinking process for lifelong learning.

Creating a dynamic portfolio:

Tangible proof of your accomplishments and competencies that you are qualified to your potential employer. Exhibition of your learning experience that is useful and relevant.

Mastering the Job Interview:

Crucial to finish strongly and confidently as it builds rapport and helps the job seeker to stand out. This potential shows you to be a good culture fit within the organization.


• Global Certified User & International certification

• Bridges gap between hard skills(theory) and soft skills

• Developed interpersonal skills

• Support via the CAD4ALL Portal

• CV is bolstered

• Optimal job performance

• Provide prerequisites for employability and workplace
  competencies creating a huge head start for success

• Design Portfolio and CV

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